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02/13/10 01:02 PM #715    


Kathy Oxley (Levin)


Mini reunion Fri, May 7th at 6pm, at IN THE RAW, 71st and Sheridan. Can't wait to see everyone! Kathy

02/14/10 03:16 PM #716    

Mike Humphrey

I am so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/18/10 11:55 PM #717    

Kim Pool (Moeller)

Some of us are getting together at Soco's (81st and Harvard) Saturday night to listen to a band - Sweatin' Bullets.

The band starts at 10:00, but we're gonna be there at 9:00 or before to visit and stuff. Love for you all to come!

02/20/10 09:11 AM #718    


Kathy Oxley (Levin) I the only one that goes to bed by 10pm LOL!

02/20/10 01:37 PM #719    

Susan Sibley (Cox)

no Kathy - you aren't the only one!!!!

02/23/10 09:25 PM #720    


Kathy Oxley (Levin)

Mini reunion...Fri. May 7th @ 6pm, Fox & Hound at 71st and Garnett. Please RSVP to message forum.
Kathy Oxley Levin

02/24/10 10:54 AM #721    


Tom Kittell

I will be there!


03/30/10 09:10 AM #722    

Cheryl Fields (Crawford)

I will be there too...We will be handing out information about Riverfest 2010

06/21/10 07:02 PM #723    


Eddie Morris

Went to a funeral in Tulsa last weekend. I saw Coach Tom McKenna and Coach Richard Chapman. I got to visit with Coach Chapman for a few minutes before the funeral. He told me that he would love to come to our next reunion and that he would only be 83 at that time. He said that Coach Richard Eddy was doing well and living on acreage in Checotah(Carrie Underwood country).

08/09/10 11:59 PM #724    


Jaimie Muehlhausen

Eddie, just saw your posting about seeing Coach Chapman. A little odd trivia...Coach Chapman was my mom and dad's Coach when they went to high school in Henryetta. I think it was his first year or two as a teacher. They were pretty shocked when he turned out to be my Coach as well. Then he practically flunked me in history. I deserved it.

Also, curious if anyone is signing up for Riverfest 2010. I am planning to drive across country with stops in Albuquerque and Austin before making my way to Oklahoma. Staying with Nora Foster in Austin and we should have us a fine old time...BBQ and beer and some good Austin music. Really looking forward to seeing whoever is coming to Riverfest...I'm bringing a guitar and I know Randy Roberts is bringing a mandolin and anyone else that wants to join in would be really fun. See you there!

08/14/10 07:39 AM #725    


Kevin Wood


19 positive responses so far from folks, should be more by the time it rolls around. Looking forward to your music!

This will be fun!

09/03/10 04:17 PM #726    


Tom Kittell

Well, it's sad, but true - Tulsa's Admiral Twin Drive-In theater burned down this afternoon.  :(



10/02/10 12:47 PM #727    


Hans Pasco

PLEASE.... This is my eighth year as a Partner In Education with McKinley Elementary School in North Tulsa. McKinley has a poverty rate of over 95%. Each year I have provided from donations, a wrapped present for each of the 540+ children, as well as a candy cane, picture for each child to take home before the break and a couple minutes with Santa. I am a real bearded Santa. Please contact me with information of what you can/will help me with to bring these children some brightness for Christmas. The school will provide a tax letter for your donations. My home number is (Best) 918.289.8265 and my e-mails are Please help me help these children to a brighter Christmas/winter break. Who knows what a moment of charity will bring to these children's lives? Please help me to help them. Thank you. Santa Hans

10/27/11 07:04 PM #728    


Hans Pasco


I knew John from Grissom forward through Thoreau and into Memorial.  We were on the same soccer team, the Cosmos, from Thoreau through Memorial.  He was always kind and thoughtful throughout our school years.  From graduation through our 30th reunion John and I ran into each other probably a dozen times or so.  Unfortunately I only bumped into him once since then and I am only now a Three week member of FaceBook so I had not reconnected with him.  He was always warm at our meetings and the conversation great.  One of the things I am very grateful to him for was the fact of his kindness.  At Grissom and Thoreau I was picked on.  As Randy Ware tells me, "You were bullied in school, not because you were small or weak, but because of your gentle nature."  John Helander was one of the people who always treated me with respect and dignity and I never got to thank him for his fair and respectful friendship.  For those of you who also treated me with respect and dignity, like Tim Webster, Lloyd Ruley, Tom Bittman, Justine Eite(-5 sp), Randy Ware and many others, Thank you for your kindness.  For those of you who bullied me, I forgive you. 

I remember what fun John was when our team went to Dallas for a soccer tournament in the summer of 1976.  And for that matter during every soccer game.  Whatever he did I remember John having fun and trying his hardest.  I hope that in heaven John is enjoying a good round of poker, maybe with Michael and Gabriel and Mother Teresa, enjoying maybe The worlds best cigar and single malt scotch.  You are gone John, but not forgotten.  And prayers said for your whole family.  Peace.


12/11/11 05:12 PM #729    


Hans Pasco

My sleigh has stopped at the nicest locations in Tulsa including Macaroni Grill, Marie Callenders, Christmas Train, Utica Square, and as a Partner in Education to Tulsa's McKinley Elementary School. Now Santa is plotting his course in Tulsa and I need you to E-Mail me with your phone number and best time to call so I can arrange a Personal Experiance with you also. Please contact me/Santa at--- SANTAHANS dot SANTAHANS at ROCKETMAIL dot COM OR call 918.289.8265 -- Christmas Eve/Day Experiances and outside of Tulsa Experiances are slightly more. Hurry now, Christmas is fast approaching. Your Personal (25 minute approx.) Experiance Will Include a First Person Reading of Santa's Favorite "Twas The Night Before Christmas" and Santa Will Also Hand Out Your Presents.

01/09/12 09:55 AM #730    


Eddie Morris

Ran into Bob Roberts, the boys dean, we reminisced about the good old days. He asked me what years I was at Memorial. When I told him 76/77 through 78/79, he said, "Those were the glory years. Memorial at its absolute best"! Nice to know he thought so. He mentioned that Coach Doug Dugger(Athletic Director) was suffering from Alzheimer's and was in a VA hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. He asked that we pray for him.

01/17/12 08:50 AM #731    

Jeanne Staab (Jones)

Sorry to hear about coach Dugger.  I always liked him.  He carried me home once by the pool after I fell off my bike.  Have lots of good memories of him and Jamie at Sungate swimming pool.


03/14/13 11:53 AM #732    


Eddie Morris

     Coach Grover Quinn passed away January 22, 2013. Coach Quinn taught Earth Science and was an assistant coach on the varsity baseball team. He was renowned for the tape-measure shots he could hit with a fungo bat. We used to joke that he could bunt a baseball at least 500 feet. I was a catcher so I stood next to him and would marvel at how high and far he could launch a baseball. Every day at practice, when he was done hitting "fungos" to the outfielders I would teasingly say, "Nice job, King Kong!"

      My condolences to his family and friends. May he enjoy his eternal rest.

04/15/13 08:21 PM #733    


Eddie Morris

35 years ago tonight(April 15th '78), the Memorial Charger baseball team was crowned the best team in the city! The Chargers beat McLain, Mason, Jenks and Hale to win the Metro Tournament Championship. The juniors(Class of '79) on the team were Matt Adkison, Chris Anderson, David Blount, Steve Hallam, Kyle Hooper, Ken Huffman, Lance Mawdsley, Eddie Morris, Jaimie Muehlhausen, Mike Mullen and Alan Tiedeman.

06/16/13 09:09 PM #734    


Kevin Wood

Summer of 2014 ---

Its just around the corner. Yeah, I know its next summer but in the lifespan of an EVENT, it isnt that far off. Lots of things to be done between now and then. Reserve facilities usually comes first as some of the better places book up this far out.

Folks also like to make plans for vacations and travel kinda far in advance. Schedule stuff snd put it on a calandar. All proper like. So they too want to know when to plan for the party of the , well it will be a party, just how big and how good is based on us.

So kindly, please fill out or update all pertinent contact info on yourselves, so when all this get sorted out, we will send the invites out...

Get ready!!




08/08/13 02:19 PM #735    


Eddie Morris

Went to Coach Doug Dugger's funeral today(8-8-13). Bob Roberts did a nice job with the eulogy. Bob was in the 7th grade at Pawhuska when Coach Dugger started his coaching career there. He was an assistant in football and basketball and head coach for the baseball team. Bob remembered that Coach Dugger drove a Volkswagen and the students would pick his car up and would move it to another part of the parking lot and place it on the sidewalk. When coach was ready to leave for the day, he would always have to hunt for his car. Richard Eddy, George Blevins, Richard Chapman,  Bill Risenhoover, Tom McKenna, Jerry Walters, and Dale Schuler were in attendance.

08/08/13 02:55 PM #736    

Diane Britton

Sorry to have missed it, but thanks for representing the Class of '79.  :)

11/06/13 09:06 AM #737    


Kathy Oxley (Levin)

Thank you Kevin for organizing the 2014 reunion...xoxo

11/09/13 05:25 PM #738    


Kevin Wood

Kathy, my pleasure. This 35th is coming together nicely, and it is by no means me alone.

I love this class and it's talented members who know how to do most anything. As we get closer to the event weekend, those folks will come to aid making this an even better event than the 30th.

I am glad to see you are going to be able to make it and have even booked flight!

12/14/13 01:41 PM #739    


Gary Koester (Not Married & Happy :))


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