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Residing In: Larkspur, CA USA
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Occupation: Ergonomic and Wellness Specialist
Children: Brooke, born 1996. She is 17 years old and will be a Senior at Redwood High School. She is a sweetheart, More…works in a Health Club daycamp and care, has a lot of friends, does well in school and plays Varsity Soccer!

Since our 30th reunion, my daughter and I have been to South Africa three times to volunteer at Open Arms Home for children in a small town near the Indian Ocean. We are the aunties to fifty orphans ages 6 months to 15 years old. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I have raised over $10,000 for the home through Zumba fundraisers, Chevron grants and company matches.

We swam with Great White Sharks in Cape Town and have been on several safari's where we pet lion cubs and saw hipo, rhino, giraffes, etc. in the wild. We snow skiied in Dubai and toured the tallest building in the world.

A few years ago I started teaching Stand up Paddle fitness and Yoga classes. I am certified in Water Safety and love being out on the San Francisco bay on my board. Anyone that comes to visit I will take you out!

I travel two times a year to teach Yoga and Group exercise at varoius resorts I have been to Hawaii, St. Croix, Jamaica and several places in Mexico. Needless to say, I love to travel. Work takes me to Houston and Washington DC.

Since 1979.........I graduated from Oklahoma University in 1983 with a Physical Education degree. In 1985 I opened an Aerobic studio called Second Wind in Norman, I had a TV show, called Energy Session and provided aerobic conditioning to the OU football, basketball, gymnastics, tennis and golf teams. During this period I was also training for the 1984 Olympics in Cyling and lived at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs during the winter. By the way, 1984 was the first year for the Women's 100k road race. I finished 29th at the USA Olympic Trials and decided to train 4 more years. In 1988 I competed in the Olympic Trials again, finishing 15th, the top three went to the Olympics in Korea.

In 1989 I started working for Norwegian Cruise Line as the Fitness Director. I cruised to seventeen different islands in the Carribean and cruised to Bermuda from NYC but it wasn't until the ship went under the Golden Gate bridge that I knew I found a new home in San Francisco. I taught aerobics and started a personal training business for a year and finally decided to get a full time job with a large corporation. I started working for Chevron Corporation as a Health Promotion and Fitness Specialist and have been with the company now for 17 years.

Health and Fitness is still a huge part of my life. I have been teaching Aerobic classes now since 1980 and currently teach, Cycle, Zumba, Boot Camp and Yoga. For the past 9 years I have swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco. I mountain bike and take 2-3 trips a year to teach Yoga for a week. I was married for 10 years until about 3 years ago our paths went different directions. I have a beautiful, smart, athletic 12 year old daughter. We spend a lot of time together playing soccer, riding on our cruiser bikes, going for hikes and doing homework.

We live on the water in Larkspur which is a small town in Marin just 15 minutes from the Golden Gate bridge. My parents are doing well and they still live in the same house. I try to visit Tulsa once or twice a year.

Life is good, we are blessed.

Best School Memory:

Best memories...............working at Hot Dog on a Stick, running around LaFortune Park, senior trip cruise, Coach McKenna's class, Coach Blackwell coaching track and hanging out at LaFortune Park.

My memory needed jogging SO, I e-mailed my mom and asked her and my dad what they remembered about me in High School, here is what they wrote!:

"Memories from mom and dad: "how about the time I came home from work and you were in the den watching tv with a guy and Missy was on the floor---You said, I am not by myself, Mom. Missy is in here! (Missy was our German Shepherd dog) I had told you no guys in the house with you if you were by yourself. "

"Then there were the times you and Kathy McGinty made no bake cookies and ruined not one, but two of the expensive Tupperware containers by setting them on the hot stove burner where you had just made them before putting them in the box!"

"We have always been proud of you and appreciate the fact that you didn't get into too much trouble. We were proud of you for always bringing in your dates for us to meet. Dad said and I always agreed, every one that we met were very nice."

"Do you remember running out of gas on Memorial late at night after getting off work at the Limited, and to bum a ride with a couple of strange girls to the gas station to get gas. By the time you got gas and got home, it was too late for you to go to a party that you had planned to attend, and I was wondering why you were home so early. "

"For the most part, it was a wonderful life experience having you for a daughter in highschool. We were so proud of you when you won your all state for track. Dad was always bragging about you. And still is, I might add. We were fortunate to be your parents. Love, Mom and Dad"

Isnt' it interesting what "you" remember and what your "parents" recall?

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Syd and I crushing Santa's legs, I'm sure.
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Brooke and I last fall in Napa Valley, drinking Apple Cider. :)
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Soccer mom and coach! and YES I can still do the splits (kinda)!
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Yes! We swim with Sharks! It is a real, live, shark! Isla Murelas, Mexico
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Brooke and Duke in our backyard on our Long board used for Stand Up Paddle, it was a windy day so Brooke is doing Sit Down Paddle.