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07/18/14 05:34 PM #743    


Sherri Andrews (Sabin)

Zumba with Teresa and Sherri at Lafortune Park, south side at 11am on Saturday!  Join us!  Its going to be a lot of fun!


07/20/14 08:31 AM #744    


Tracy Shrewder

Huge thanks to those who organized our reunion weekend! So good to see everyone, good times filled with story telling, laughter, and just a bit of adult
I miss everyone already!

07/23/14 02:46 PM #745    


Melinda Burkett (Umbarger)

Tracy, I know just what you mean, I miss everyone, too.  It was such a letdown on Sunday when I knew I was not attending another event with everyone.   And, yes, a huge THANK YOU to Kevin (and his patient and understanding wife, Laurie)  for making sure we all stay together via the website, and to everyone who helped with this year's events.   I can only imagine the work that was involved.   I had so much fun.   I would love for all of us who are around to get together.

01/27/15 10:20 AM #746    


Eddie Morris

Death Notice from the Tulsa World(1-27-15):

Creager, Margie L., 90, teacher and community volunteer, died Saturday. Visitation 10 a.m.- 6p.m. Thursday, Moore's Southlawn Funeral Home, and service 2 p.m. Friday, Asbury United Methodist Church


01/28/15 06:49 AM #747    


Beth Lippincott (Leatherman)

Thanks for posting this about Mrs. Creager and glad she had a nice, long life.


08/04/15 01:15 PM #748    


Eddie Morris

From the Tulsa World,

"Pat Morgan, 85, of Tulsa passed away Friday, July 31, 2015."

      Pat taught "Senior English" while we were at Memorial. While I did not have the privilege of having her as a teacher, she was a great source of encouragement to me. May the angels lead her into Paradise. 

08/05/15 08:59 AM #749    


Scott Knowles

Thanks for posting this, Eddie.  Mrs. Morgan had and continues to have a great impact on me. I have some wonderful memories of her and her being how she would pass out the grade chart for all of us to see...couldn't do that today!  

08/05/15 08:03 PM #750    


Lisa Neafus

I had Mrs. Morgan for senior English and am so saddened to hear of her passing. She was an awesome teacher and so nice to me when I had to take off and be out a lot that year due to my brothers health Issues. I'm sure she will be missed by many as she was such a nice lady.

09/15/15 10:33 AM #751    


Mary Waller

I still use what Mrs. Morgan taught us about the structure of essays... and with my own students! Remember the book The Lively Art of Writing? Mrs. Morgan was a wonderful and seemingly-unflappable teacher, and her class was absolutely invaluable. Remembering her fondly...

09/16/15 11:21 AM #752    

Richard Hedgecock

Boy, Mary, you really struck a nerve with me. Mrs. Morgan was the greatest teacher I ever had. I use the lessons I learned from her and The Lively Art of Writing TO THIS DAY with my 11 year old. She understood the importance of what she was teaching and used her firm but kind methods to impart that on her students.

And as many of us know now, "kids today" have no idea how to write. It's really pathetic.

My only regret from high school is associated with Mrs. Morgan: I didn't go see the Sex Pistols at the Cain's Ballroom on their only US, 10-city tour because we had a big Shakespeare test (MacBeth?) the next day. And I bombed the test. Should have just gone...

01/11/16 02:33 PM #753    


Eddie Morris

Richard Eddy, football head coach and U.S. History teacher passed away this morning.

01/12/16 07:36 PM #754    


Julie Tedder (Murray)

Thank you for posting. As a retired teacher of 28 years he was such an important influence on so many of us. All the little things he did showed some of us what life as a teacher could mean. 


01/14/16 12:49 PM #755    


Eddie Morris

A Memorial Service for Coach Richard Eddy will be at 11 am, Saturday, January 16, 2016, at Floral Haven in Broken Arrow, OK(6500 S. 129th E. Ave.). A lunch reception will follow the service. In lieu of flowers, the family would like to direct donations to the Alzheimers Association of Oklahoma, 2448 East 81st Street, Suite 3000, Tulsa, OK, 74137,, or the First Methodist Church Checotah, 419 West Gentry Avenue, Checotah, Ok, 74426 or

01/14/16 01:19 PM #756    


Eddie Morris

From his obituary: "In 1970, Coach Eddy joined the Tulsa Memorial staff as an assistant coach. He was immediately impressed with the commitment to athletics by both the school and the parents.He always said, at Memorial 'pride was a big deal...' and he enjoyed the zenith of his career during his 15 years as a Charger, becoming the Head Coach in 1976 and winning a state championship in 1980. Coach Eddy also coached Oklahoma to a victory over Texas in the Oil Bowl in 1983. In 1985, he retired from coaching and teaching. He was inducted into the Oklahoma Coaches Association's Hall of Fame in 1989.

     "Off the field, Coach Eddy influenced the lives of hundreds of students as both a history teacher and drivers education instructor.

     "In 2000, Coach Eddy and his wife, Laura(a Carnegie Elementary teacher during her teaching years), moved to their farm in Checotah, OK(Carrie Underwood territory). They enjoyed working in their garden and raising cattle... and Coach pursued his passion for hunting and fishing."

10/06/17 03:36 PM #757    


Eddie Morris

Article headline from the Tulsa World, Friday, October 6, 2017.  "Meadowbrook(Country Club) to Become Housing Development."  A local developer purchased the property and plans residential development. The article went on to say that Meadowbrook would probably stay open for another year. I remember going there in high school with Gary Koester to check traps that he had placed around one of the ponds. Also, a few years ago in the summer, Gene Howerton, Steve Mindeman, Stan Bugh and I enjoyed playing golf there. Fun memories.

10/07/17 03:31 PM #758    


Debi Burris (Sovereign)

Oh my goodness.  I lifeguarded at Meadowbrook for two years and had lots of fun there.  Had the best tan I've ever had, but then I also had to listen to songs from Grease every day ...

07/20/18 03:06 PM #759    


Eddie Morris

Zingo, Tulsa's beloved roller coaster, would have turned 50 this month. From an article in the Tulsa World, "Zingo was the highest-priced roller coaster in the nation when it debuted in 1968. It was built at a cost of $238,000. The cost to ride it: 75 cents." The ride was so popular that the loan debt was erased in 18 months. Some interesting items from the article:

Bell's Amusement Park opened in 1951. The park was originally located at Glenn Dobbs' driving range near 21st Street and Yale Avenue.

Zingo's path was 2,560 feet. A ride lasted between 98 and 102 seconds. The coaster's top speed was usually between 48 and 50 mph. Zingo's peak was 72 feet above the fairgrounds.

Zingo was named as a "salute to a long gone coaster," the Zingo Cannonball, from Crystal City Amusement Park in west Tulsa.

"Zingo's success paved the way for other new additions to the park, including the haunted attraction Phantasmagoria, the Himalaya('Do You Wanna Go FASTER?!!!'), the Wildcat and a log ride."

Band members from Earth, Wind and Fire "offered to pay $1,000 if they could take an after-operating-hours ride." Because a Distict Court judge was concerned about neighborhood noise, the coaster was forced to cease operating at 9 o'clock at night. The management refused to violate the order and had to disappoint Earth, Wind and Fire.

Growing up I didn't realize how intertwined in my mind the Tulsa State Fair and Bell's Amusement Park were. They seemed somehow inseparable. Bell's has been closed for over a decade now. Yet still to this day when I go to "The Fair" I find myself inevitably meandering down the Midway looking for the rides at Bell's and the KELI Spaceship. As with so much of life I didn't realize then that something that brought me so much enjoyment would come with an expiration date. 

07/21/18 10:28 AM #760    


Robert Kendall

Here are links to videos of Zingo:


Early 70s (?) on film - incomplete:


1988, from a VHS tape:


1995, ridden twice:


Again from 1995, looking at Zingo by daylight:


199,6 looking at Zingo by night:


and here, ridden twice, from 2003:

02/22/19 12:58 PM #761    


Kevin Wood


The classmate email " bounce list " 

This is a list of classmates that had, at some point, filled out contact information on this site. We now are getting "bounced" or return email from their listed address, meaning we dont have a good email for them. Some are due to jobs changes or cable provider changes. 

If you could please look down the list, and if you see someone here you know, contact them and let them know we need good email for them, so we can keep them informed on class activites and news. It will suck to find out about the reunion just before it happens

Annette Solomon (Shamas), Kyle Hooper, Mark Winslow, Diane Howley (Montoto), Jennifer French (McAlpin), Steve Shook, Anne Poehling (Weyler), Becky Palmer (Spitler), Marvelyn Kennedy, Glenn Michalski, Susan Weiskopf (Simmons), Alan Tiedeman, Sherri Andrews (Sabin), Jeff Luddeke, Lori Lerner (Langston), Andy Teel, Ron Day, Kris Hamman (Kelly) Lisa Gregston (Borger), Fred Munier, Karen Sorrells (Bowen), Doug Gheen, David Everett, Nancy Tumilty (White), John Choyce, Jean Hamby (Hinton), Kelley Calhoun (Bowers) Beth VanSickle (Keener), Dennis Thompson, Susan Contente, Mike Brimhall, Danise Bell (Cox), Peggy Lockett (Bruce) 


Thanks for the help in advance! 




02/23/19 09:48 AM #762    

Kin Oldham



So we should try a social search as well?



02/23/19 11:22 AM #763    


Heidi Olsen (Anderson)

I'm Facebook friends with Mark Winslow.  He provided his email address for me to share with you:

I also messaged Sherri Sabin to get her email address



02/23/19 11:53 AM #764    


Heidi Olsen (Anderson)

Sherrie got back to me and her email is:

07/29/19 03:13 PM #765    


Eddie Morris

Obituary from the July 28, 2019, Tulsa World. Former teacher, Jimmie Paul Brown, passed away peacefully in his sleep after battling dementia for four years. He was 85 years old. While at Memorial, Herr Brown taught German, English and History. He came to Memorial in the 1960's and retired after the 1986 school year. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or a charity of your choice. Online condolences can be made at

You never know the impact a teacher can have on a student. In the "Memories" section at the listed site, there is a story of one of Herr Brown's Memorial students who developed a passion for foreign languages and has gone on to teach at Cascia Hall, in Tulsa, for the last 28 years! 

07/30/19 02:35 PM #766    


Robert Kendall

Herr Brown was a great instructor who I was never lucky enough to have as a regular teacher at Memorial.  I did talk to him about German before I graduated and thanks to him, I felt confident that I could master German as well as French when I took it my sophmore year at the University of Arkansas.  I then spent my junior year abroad in Salzburg, Austria and became quite good at it during my time there.  Herr Brown was a good man and, unlike the French instructor whose name I no longer remember, was a kind human being as well.

07/30/19 03:01 PM #767    

Jack Spencer -Class Of 1980

Even if you didn't take Herr Browns classes, he still made a point to know you. Everytime I passed his classroom, he would wave or greet me. For a lowly Sophmore, this made me feel special. Rest Easy Herr Brown.

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